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October 29, 2017

I goof’d, guys.

I accidentally forgot to update something in the pages I just published. Unfortunately, it’s a pretty important detail that’s going to be revisited in later chapters so I’ve uploaded the correct files. It’s not that obvious a change but it is important enough to the story so I’m bringing it up here for transparency.

And I’m not telling what detail it is! ^_~



Updates are back!

September 19, 2017

New crew I work with at Skylanders Academy

Thanks for your patience, everyone! We’ve got a bunch of updates coming up. Hoping I can keep this momentum going for a little bit.

If you follow me on Patreon, there’s some more exciting news there regarding two non-Polterguys-related comic projects I’m working on.

I know, I know- “WHERE IS YOUR FOCUS, LAUR” GEEZ. It’s more like, I recently made the calculations and by the time I finish Polterguys, I’m gonna be 50. FIVE-ZERO. I kinda want to work on other stories, too? So, I’ve been taking baby steps to make other stories along with progressing with this comic’s pages.

Finally, I wanna know your favorite Polterguys character. I get a big kick out of those Shonen Jump Popularity illustrations and kinda want to make my own. I have a feeling I know who’s gonna be No. 1? But we’ll see! XD

Who’s your favorite Polterguys character?

Bree (nerdy girl)
Alex (the grumpy twin)
Ben (the nice twin)
Frankie (the jock)
Doug (the smart kid)
Simon (the baby)
Clive (the demon)


Intermittent Updates Part Deux

March 1, 2017

I’m not on this show. I just understand how they feel right now.

I saw my last update post on this website and I’m sheepish ’cause that’s all I seem to be talking
about lately! Apologies, everyone! 😅

So, I’m two months in at my new job at DreamWorks and there are a few things that will need my attention in the next few weeks. There’s a new class, extra income opportunities and portfolio updates to work on so I’m getting a little stretched thin.

Once again, I’m not sure when regular updates will resume but I can only hope it won’t take as long as the last major hiatus when I moved from Michigan.

Thanks for understanding and hey, I really appreciate your interest in my little project!