Site Updates + More pages from Chapter 10 are up!

  • I’m no longer mirroring the comic anywhere else. (Sorry, Tapas readers.) Getting too busy to manually upload pages to other sites so if you want to keep track of when updates happen, I’ll let you know either via instagram or twitter (for now)
  • I will no longer be updating on Deviantart, Tumblr, Patreon. Just trying to keep things simpler.
  • Storenvy is still down since I don’t have books or merchandise to sell until I can Kickstart/fundraise another batch of books for both Volume 1 and 2. PDFs of Vol. 1 and the Vol. 1 Supplement are still available on Gumroad.
  • Updated copy here and there. Oh gosh, so many social media upheavals…The internet is so finicky.

I’ve been uploading pages in scenes now since this makes a little more sense. You can start reading the new batch of updates from here or start from the top of Chapter 10 here.

Thanks again for your continued interest reading this comic!