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    One girl. Five ghosts. A lot of unfinished business!

    Bree is a nerdy college girl who moves into a house that's filled with ghost guys. Since she's the only one who can see them, she has to help each of them resolve their unfinished business!

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    Welcome to the online home of Laurianne Uy's graphic novel series, Polterguys. Volume one is now available to read online or purchase in print. Now updating every Tuesday with pages from Volume two!

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    "A lighthearted graphic ghost story with substance."
    ~Kirkus Reviews

    "One of the most unabashedly fun comics I've read this summer." ~The Manga Critic"

    "Delightfully charming... A great spin on the typical harem -style of manga story-telling."

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    • DKJung

      I just noticed that you use the crossbar “I” for the personal pronoun “I”. I’ve noticed that a lot of other webcomic artists neglect that. It makes your comic look even more professional, lol. Great job! 😀

      • Thanks! I read it from a lettering guide online and have been doing my best to follow that rule ever since. 🙂