Site Updates + More pages from Chapter 10 are up!

  • I’m no longer mirroring the comic anywhere else. (Sorry, Tapas readers.) Getting too busy to manually upload pages to other sites so if you want to keep track of when updates happen, I’ll let you know either via instagram or twitter (for now)
  • I will no longer be updating on Deviantart, Tumblr, Patreon. Just trying to keep things simpler.
  • Storenvy is still down since I don’t have books or merchandise to sell until I can Kickstart/fundraise another batch of books for both Volume 1 and 2. PDFs of Vol. 1 and the Vol. 1 Supplement are still available on Gumroad.
  • Updated copy here and there. Oh gosh, so many social media upheavals…The internet is so finicky.

I’ve been uploading pages in scenes now since this makes a little more sense. You can start reading the new batch of updates from here or start from the top of Chapter 10 here.

Thanks again for your continued interest reading this comic!

Chapter 9 is up


It’s me.

Yes… I know.

A year is kind of insane to wait for updates on this comic.

But you know. Storyboarding is kind of rough on the body and the show that I’m on is pretty challenging. Towards the end of last year, I pulled a lot of overtime and even hurt my back. I’m a bit better now, but it was scary there for a minute.

Still can’t wait for you all to see the show though because my crew and I are intensely proud of what we’ve accomplished together.

Volume 2 of Polterguys has the unfortunate luck of being made during an intensely transitional period in my life. I started drawing pages in 2014. Since then, I’ve…

  • left a 10-year relationship and suffered the biggest heartbreak I’ve had in my entire adult life
  • moved back to California from Michigan
  • started temping again
  • started my first professional industry job as a board artist
  • joined DreamWorks TV as a revisionist for Puss in Boots for 5 months
  • was on Activision for another 5 for Skylanders Academy
  • got rehired back on DWTV for a year

I had thought having the stability of work for one year would lend itself to regular updates but no, one totally underestimates the sheer amount of physical work involved in drawing 40 hrs a week. The price is needing rest during breaks and recovering in order to do the same thing the next week.

But as thanks for your patience all this time, I’ve uploaded all the remaining pages for Chapter 9 to the site. If you’ve been staring at Chapter 09-27 for a year, you can finally read past that starting here.

I’ve decided I’m probably going to start updating chapters in their entirety instead of page at a time because they usually make more sense together anyway. (Unless most of you feel otherwise? Do let me know what you think!)

Anyway, I don’t know when exactly I’m going to finish this book but you bet it’s still happening. I think I’m stubborn enough to see this through and I thank you all for your continued interest and support.

Clip Paint Studio is INCREDIBLEEEE
Preview of inks for a page in Chapter 10 via instagram


I goof’d, guys.

I accidentally forgot to update something in the pages I just published. Unfortunately, it’s a pretty important detail that’s going to be revisited in later chapters so I’ve uploaded the correct files. It’s not that obvious a change but it is important enough to the story so I’m bringing it up here for transparency.

And I’m not telling what detail it is! ^_~



Updates are back!

New crew I work with at Skylanders Academy

Thanks for your patience, everyone! We’ve got a bunch of updates coming up. Hoping I can keep this momentum going for a little bit.

If you follow me on Patreon, there’s some more exciting news there regarding two non-Polterguys-related comic projects I’m working on.

I know, I know- “WHERE IS YOUR FOCUS, LAUR” GEEZ. It’s more like, I recently made the calculations and by the time I finish Polterguys, I’m gonna be 50. FIVE-ZERO. I kinda want to work on other stories, too? So, I’ve been taking baby steps to make other stories along with progressing with this comic’s pages.

Finally, I wanna know your favorite Polterguys character. I get a big kick out of those Shonen Jump Popularity illustrations and kinda want to make my own. I have a feeling I know who’s gonna be No. 1? But we’ll see! XD

Who’s your favorite Polterguys character?

Bree (nerdy girl)
Alex (the grumpy twin)
Ben (the nice twin)
Frankie (the jock)
Doug (the smart kid)
Simon (the baby)
Clive (the demon)


Intermittent Updates Part Deux

I’m not on this show. I just understand how they feel right now.

I saw my last update post on this website and I’m sheepish ’cause that’s all I seem to be talking
about lately! Apologies, everyone! 😅

So, I’m two months in at my new job at DreamWorks and there are a few things that will need my attention in the next few weeks. There’s a new class, extra income opportunities and portfolio updates to work on so I’m getting a little stretched thin.

Once again, I’m not sure when regular updates will resume but I can only hope it won’t take as long as the last major hiatus when I moved from Michigan.

Thanks for understanding and hey, I really appreciate your interest in my little project!

Intermittent Updates

Hi everyone, my apologies for missing updates lately. I’m in the middle of a lot of things – I’ve been taking classes and storyboard tests and attempting to reassess Vol. 2’s storylines. I still can’t say when updates will resume but I hope you check back in when it does!

Thanks for understanding.


Hi guys!

Gonna take a short break to replenish my buffer. It took a hit from this class I was taking since February so I need some time to build up pages again.

Don’t worry, it shouldn’t be as long as the last one! Hahaha (I hope.)

Polterguys updates again!

OK, here’s the deal, guys. I really want to get this book done as soon as humanly possible but I have a full-time job, night classes and homework coming up in the next few months. Realistically, there’s a good chance updates are not going to be as regular as the first book. When I was working on Vol. 1, I was unemployed and able to dedicate 14 hours a day nearly 7 days a week on it.

This time around, I might run out of buffer again but I’m really going to do my best to at least put something out every week.

Again, thanks so much for sticking around! I’m pretty excited to get this story out to you guys soon!




Polterguys now has a Patreon page!

Click to visit my Patreon page!
Click to visit my Patreon page!

I’m back!
Now that I’m settled in a new place here in LA, I can finally get back to the business of comics! I’ve decided to finally set-up a Patreon campaign so I can let you guys help me create more Polterguys pages and art. Please check it out and consider helping out other artists as well!

While I don’t have an update when pages will go back up, I’ll be doing my best to build up a considerable buffer again to avoid hiatuses like this one in the future. Again, thanks so much for your patience, everybody.


I hate to be that webcomic but I’m gonna have to be that webcomic- Polterguys will go on a bit of a hiatus after Chapter 1 wraps up.

This will not be an indefinite hiatus since I am committed to finishing this book. Vol. 2 is already thumbnailed and sketched out. It’s just a matter of smoothing out scenes and executing the pages on my end.

But I have to prioritize preparing for my move back to California and preparing a working portfolio to get into the animation industry. I have a day job so I don’t have much time to dedicate to extracurricular projects outside of working hours and I like to give projects my focused attention. I’ve been taking a class on storyboarding lately and it’s been quite fun and challenging. I hope to share some of my work on Twitter and Tumblr soon.

I expect to resume posting once I build a sizable buffer again by late summer. By then, I’m hoping to be settled back in Los Angeles and have more time to work on Polterguys. Sorry for the inconvenience and hope to talk to you all of you guys soon!