Chapter 9 is up


It’s me.

Yes… I know.

A year is kind of insane to wait for updates on this comic.

But you know. Storyboarding is kind of rough on the body and the show that I’m on is pretty challenging. Towards the end of last year, I pulled a lot of overtime and even hurt my back. I’m a bit better now, but it was scary there for a minute.

Still can’t wait for you all to see the show though because my crew and I are intensely proud of what we’ve accomplished together.

Volume 2 of Polterguys has the unfortunate luck of being made during an intensely transitional period in my life. I started drawing pages in 2014. Since then, I’ve…

  • left a 10-year relationship and suffered the biggest heartbreak I’ve had in my entire adult life
  • moved back to California from Michigan
  • started temping again
  • started my first professional industry job as a board artist
  • joined DreamWorks TV as a revisionist for Puss in Boots for 5 months
  • was on Activision for another 5 for Skylanders Academy
  • got rehired back on DWTV for a year

I had thought having the stability of work for one year would lend itself to regular updates but no, one totally underestimates the sheer amount of physical work involved in drawing 40 hrs a week. The price is needing rest during breaks and recovering in order to do the same thing the next week.

But as thanks for your patience all this time, I’ve uploaded all the remaining pages for Chapter 9 to the site. If you’ve been staring at Chapter 09-27 for a year, you can finally read past that starting here.

I’ve decided I’m probably going to start updating chapters in their entirety instead of page at a time because they usually make more sense together anyway. (Unless most of you feel otherwise? Do let me know what you think!)

Anyway, I don’t know when exactly I’m going to finish this book but you bet it’s still happening. I think I’m stubborn enough to see this through and I thank you all for your continued interest and support.

Clip Paint Studio is INCREDIBLEEEE
Preview of inks for a page in Chapter 10 via instagram