Welcome to the new home page for Polterguys!

Hi guys,

Look at this shiny new site! I’m so happy to present a new home for Polterguys on the web.

In 2011, I cobbled together all my HTML knowledge, crammed a few tutorials and attempted to build and host my own webcomic homepage. When the plug-in I was using for the comic database died, it took down my entire website around it.  Now, thanks to the wonderful help of my friend Lissa, we’ve got a dedicated and much more stable space for future volumes of Polterguys!

For now, my update schedule is going to be Tuesdays here on my site and Thursdays on Inkblazers.com. And I will be staggering social media updates throughout the week. I know updating once a week is a bit of a tough sell for long-format comics but I don’t have that much of a buffer despite my best efforts! Thanks for your patience and understanding. I truly appreciate you all checking out my humble little comic.

I’m currently working on Vol. 2 pages around the clock (outside the day job) so I don’t really have that much extra time for regular blogging. But I do want to try and squeeze one in every month or so!

What would you like me to write about? Interested in knowing a bit more about my work process? Or maybe some of the challenges of self-publishing comics?

Sound off below! I’d love to hear from you guys!